Strangers Helping Strangers

Dear UE4 Community,

I’m here in this Section to ask, if anybody is willing to help with a concept:

*Imagine a cold imaginary place :rolleyes:. With a “cold” life-circle.
Big companies release new Games with a new Engine but they charge you for old maps.
Big companies use psychology to keep their customers in long terms.
People start making successful 1$ Games.
1$ Games now cost 10$ at a similar quality level but resulting in less to no variation in Games (aka survival)
Nobody even bothers buying games anymore, lets watch them on Twitch!

But Psychology is like Gunpowder.
All we do know is, that you can set it on fire.

We have a society living that greediness/“lightbulb” (economy) effect.

What goes around comes around. Yes. definetly a circle.

- You are in a bigger place than before


Wrong place.

Imagine …
Oh wait lets not do that again. Its following scenario:
Somebody aka me, needing help via Skype Conference for the initial roots of my Game. Im asking for a Limited X Hours Coach.

I commit doing the same with another UE4 “Starter”

Reply and tell us what you think about all this and how we should make sure one doesn’t use help twice before offering help.
To keep this on topic again: If you would like to help, reply with one or two of your questions. Or go ahead and ask about estimated Time.

Kind regards,


Not similar?!