Stranger Synths Vol. 1 - Stranger Things inspired Retro Music

Hi all,

I’ve just released a new music pack for all those who instantly want to give their game the strange retro atmosphere.
Stranger Synths vol.1, a 17 track music pack of original compositions inspired by the music of Stranger Things (Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein) and 80’s film composers such as Vangelis, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tangerine Dream and others.

The pack provides you with a diverse musical pallet of emotions such as Mystery, Suspense, Joy, Sadness, Terror, Excitement and more with a bizarre retro twist.

Unreal Engine:

All tracks were produced using a mix of modern and vintage 80’s analog synthesizers from Voltz’s personal collection for a legitimate 80’s/new-retro soundtrack vibe, all filtered through the mind of composer and voltage architect Voltz Supreme.


Package Contents:
17 Looping Tracks, Total Length 40:26, 400 Mb, Wav 44.1kHz 16bit

  1. Inner Strength

  2. City Tears

  3. Hard To See

  4. Terror

  5. Warm Smile

  6. Movement

  7. Wasteland

  8. Raindrops & Headlights

  9. Sadness

  10. Headaches

  11. Into The Unknown

  12. Mysterious

  13. Dark Secrets

  14. Suspense

  15. Emotions

  16. She’s Gone

  17. It’s Close