Strange visual glitch in blueprint thumbnails

Almost every thumbnail of a blueprint in my project has this one mesh in it that only my player model has.

Look at the thumbnail of the selected blueprint in this screenshot for example:

This is how that blueprint really looks:

The mesh I think is used in every thumbnail is this one:

Really strange glitch, it’s nothing game breaking but still a bit annoying.

Hi ,

This is a known issue and is in our system as UE-17453, I am editing the report to show that more developers are affected by this.

I’m seeing this exact same thing as well. Components from other blueprints are showing up in the thumbnails of unrelated blueprints.

In my case it added dynamic light to each BP so when I’m in blueprint folder it makes editor lag to the point of being unusable.

Same thing is happening to me as well.

Happening over here as well! In one instance, right clicking the blueprints in the content browser resolved the issue, but I couldn’t reproduce this solution with all of the glitched thumbnails. I discovered this solution after I had right-clicked a blueprint to sync it from source control.

I’ve been dealing with this in my project for a year now. It seems to come and go with about 10% of my blueprints - I’ve checked twice, there is nothing about the affected BP’s that explains it, etiher. It’s not game breaking, by any means, but it’s one of those quality of life fixes that I’d kick a baby to get. :wink:

Same here, getting about 80% of my blueprint like that. It seems it s always the same object popping in it. Only object that are in some other blueprint.

Hi ,

On the bug report, it looks like the error has been fixed as of 4.12. Which engine version are you using? Are you still experiencing this error on 4.12 or later?

This bug still happens in 4.12.5. It has been reoccurring in multiple projects of mine since 4.7. Please Fix !

I am experiencing this issue and I am using 4.12.5


I did some further digging and found that another bug was entered for this issue here already and should be fixed in 4.13.