Strange uvs on basic Android build

Hello everyone!

So this is my first time developing a cardboard VR application in UE, as it is my first post on this forum.

So in short: I created a new project in UE 4.12.0, targeted it to mobile devices and changed graphical level to scalable 3D or 2D.
Then I continued to import some basic box shaped meshes (.FBX format from 3DSMAX 2016) with a single channel UV-mapping done in max.
After that I created two simple materials with no math in them and they worked well inside the editor. My Nexus 5x had a different opinion about
the matter and as you can see in the screenshots, the problem seems to be related to UVs freaking out on my Nexus.

Textures are 2048x2048 in resolution.

Ideas? I will post more screenshots if required.

Got it working! Guess it was because of the texture coordinate node. Case closed.