Strange/unwanted rotation behavior using physics handle grab

So I am currently in the process of make a puzzle game that involves moving around dynamic objects in order to solve the puzzle. The “gun” should work in much the same way as the “physics gun” from garrysmod but no matter what i do I can’t seem to get the objects to behave correctly.

I can functionally, very well, get them to move around and stick with the original grab location. However, the prop needs to rotate “with” the player as well as keeping it’s original heading. So I guess in sudo code it would go something like:

GrabbedProp Rotation Z = GrabbedProp Roation Z + PlayerZ

but it just doesn’t work, I got it to almost work but when I turned all the way around the grabbed component would just fly off into space.

Any help would be great, if I haven’t been clear I can put a video up later