Strange transition between animations

I have animation blueprint, that uses 4 anims: idle, inspect_start, inspect_holding (plays in loop when inspect button down), and inspect_end (inspect_start/_end have anim notify on last frame). All is works as I want, except the transition between these animations. They’re strange.

See here: - YouTube

What I have in anim bp:

Hi Bed Inc.,
It looks like there might be some blend issue there. It looks like its blending back towards another pose.
Try tweaking this value in your anim blueprint. Let me know if that helps.

Hello. I’ve got weird results by playing with these values.
See: - YouTube
Here I’ve set transition duration between Inspect End and Idle to 10.
Seems like when it doing transition, it plays animation from start, over and over again until it blended to idle, and I don’t know how to fix this.
Also, when I set this to 0, when transition happens, I’ve still see first frame of previous animation.

The problem may be that your Anim Notify execution and the transition blends are out of chronological alignment. Try using the “Time Remaining” → “<=” in your Transition Rules rather than the bool associated with the anim notifies, and set the transition blend values from the earlier comments to match the time remaining value you are checking for. Let me know if that solves the issue.

Yeah, that’s solved problem. I’ve set Time Remaining <= 0.1, and then Blend Duration to 0.05. That looks smooth. Thanks man, you’re awesome :slight_smile:

Also, now I have one more question: how to blend looping animation? As I mentioned inspect_holding plays in loop while holding button, but start frame and end frame is a bit different, so, it doesn’t look smooth. I can’t find anything about it. I hope you know the solution :slight_smile:

Ok, if the loop isn’t quite right then you will need to add some blending, can’t simply loop the same animation. So try the following . . . which is basically just adding a second call to your inspect_holding and blending between them. You will need to add a bool to your anim bp and update it through input or whatever. Use this bool to check when you should keep inspecting, eg “IsInspecting”, as below.

So you would then just tweak the ‘blend time’ and ‘time remaining’ until you get the result you want, it won’t need much maybe 0.3, but just test it out.Let me know if that helped.

No worries, i got hung up on blending too. If it did looped correctly you can just tick a single checkbox, but in this case because its in a state machine you have to do it this way. Unless someone else has a better way. :slight_smile:
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I’ve thought about this way, but I’ve also thought what there are more simple way, that’s why I’ve asked about this. Anyway, thanks, you’re cool man :slight_smile: