Strange things happening to some objects

Hi all. I moved a TV and rebuilt the lighting and something happened to it after moving as it was ok before moving. The light mass res is set to 1024.

This happens to me quite a bit in v4.12 but never in 4.11. Any ideas to fix this would be great. I have attached a screen shot.


Regards George

This happens because UVs islands or part of an uv island is outside of 0-1 UV space. Go back to 3ds max or the 3d modelling application that you are using, open the second map channel (which is for lightmaps) and make sure that the uv islands are inside the UV square/space. :slight_smile:

It looks like several of your objects don’t have proper lightmap UV’s setup. You need a second UV channel where nothing is overlapping and it fits in the 0-1 UV space. In the static mesh properties you then need to make sure that the lightmap coordinate index is assigned to that UV channel.

Thanks guys, I do have 2 UV channels. Not sure how to check if it fits in the 0-1 UV space in C4d :slight_smile: Any pointers?

if your UVs are inside the UV canvas in UV edit then everything is ok.