Strange Things Afoot...

Again, I’m not sure where to post things about Answerhub so I chose this thread. If there’s a better place to post questions/concerns about Answerhub let me know and I’ll use that thread from hereon out.

I’ve had a couple of my answers accepted recently with the OP leaving a final comment of “Thank you” and sometimes a simple followup question. When I go back to reply to the comment, after the answer has been accepted, the answer mysteriously becomes un-accepted and I lose my Karma over it. This has happened to me like 3 times, only 1 of which was I able to get the OP to re-accept the answer. I have also noticed that there has been a couple times when I made a comment on someone else’s accepted answer and the same thing happens, only the Karma doesn’t leave my account but would assume it leaves their accounts; although this last example doesn’t happen as often as the first problem.

I dunno if this has happened to anyone else but thought it was worth mentioning because I won’t go back and reply to any more accepted answers if Karma is going to disappear.


It is working as intended. I agree it is a really bad setup and have suggested alternatives, but the response from Epic was that they have chosen to have it work this way.

Thanks for the answer! Kind of crappy it works this way. Can be inconvenient to not be able to comment back after an answer was accepted. Is what it is I suppose. Thanks again!