Strange thing with my roads in my terrain

Hello everyone.

A long time ago, i bougt the “Post Apocalypse World” pack from the Marketplace, and loving it so far, the only problem i have, is shown on this image here:

Problem 3.jpg

On the market place, i already asked the question to the creator of these roads, and he said something about un-even terrain, and i should add something below the black area of the road, but i don´t really understand.

Thanks in advance!

The problem you have is called “Z-fighting”. Basically the renderer can’t decide which surface is in front of the other, so you get this horrible flickering. Your options are:

  • Hover the road a tiny bit above the ground, enough that it isn’t noticeable in gameplay

  • Carve a hole in the ground for the road to slot into so that it isn’t sharing with another surface

Is there some setting for rendering to help with this? Like a rendering order? Maybe someone else can help with that.

There are decals. They are most suitable for that