Strange SkyLight issue

Hi everybody,
I’m currently making a game with the experimental version of Unreal Engine 4 (The 4.6 preview version) and I’ve a really strange problem with my light source.
I added a day/night cycle on my game and I’ve just noticed that the light is going through my landscape…
Here’s the result at night :

If someone can healp me I would be very grateful :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi MAlexD,

This is not anything that is directly related to the 4.6 preview but just using UE4 in general. :slight_smile:

This tutorial should help from the Wiki:

Take a look at the Trouble Shoot the Sun section. The last question in that area will show you how to adjust it for your Time of Day system.

Essentially, when you’re dynamic light is beneath the geometry it is still shining at full brightness. You’ll wan to adjust the intensity of the sun to be 0 when below the horizon. This can all be done through BPs.



Thank you for the link, that’s works perfect ! :slight_smile: