Strange rotation of Pawn after it has been shoot

HI there,

I have a strange rotation of the unit after it has been shoot.


Can someone point me to where could be the issue?


But how you rotate the npc?.
check where you are turning the capsule

@DomusLudus Thanks for the navigation. It looks like the issue is in the function I shared below.

If I have X rotation unchecked, capsule rotates when gets shoot.
If I have X rot checked. it doesn’t, but it doesn’t help with the capsule rotation when the unit shoots. It still rotates on X.

It would only have to be in z, the characters are only rotated in Z the rest is simulated with animations.

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ok, and if I need to Aim Up/Down, animation doesn’t perform these actions.
How AI controller can update Pawn/ Animation in order to look for the object that is above or below a Character?