Strange reflections, bloom and glare

Hello, i’m experimenting a this curious bug.
The following screenshots are from the third person template. Untouched. Just open as a new project. and I get this.

It was the same on Unreal 4.8.0, 4.8.3 and 4.9

I’m runnin linux opensuse 13.1 with nvidia driver 340.76 and 340.93

all other 3d applications work well. it used to work fine on unreal 4.7 on the same hardware. (But I didn’t try ue4.7 since the problem start.)

Some Ideas??

Thanks in advance.

Hey MathArtist-

This is likely an issue caused by the video drivers. Depending on the type of NVidia card you have you may want to update the drivers for it.


Thank you very much ,

I upgraded the Nvidia driver to version 352.41 and now it work just fine.