Strange reflection with iOS shaders

In WIN reflection sphere works normal, but when i try it on mobile preview i have some strange problem:

  1. Reflection sphere with small radius adding reflections on all scene
  2. When PreviewRenderingLevel is ShaderModel5 and i run mobile preview ReflectionSphere react on flag Visible normal, when PreviewRenderingLevel is iOS SE2 Preview and i run mobile preview at first time it OK. But if i switch Visible of ReflectionSphere off, then on and run mobile preview the reflection has gone.

Mobile platforms do not project a reflection environment like Windows builds do. Instead, each mesh finds the one reflection capture closest to the center of its bounds and uses that one capture as a cubemap with limited parallax. The radius does not matter. If you have large object that fills the whole scene, it will only use the reflection from the center-most capture, which usually is not the one you wanted.

Thanks for explain. But now i have another problem. Many material in project stops responding on changing roughness value, looks like roughness is set to 1. I found material which still work normal, duplicate him, and new copy do not reacting on roughness changing, how it can be?
old material