Strange reflection with iOS shaders

Hello everyone,
In WIN reflection sphere works normal, but when i try it on mobile preview i have some strange problem:

  1. Reflection sphere with small radius adding reflections on all scenereverse image search email checker
  2. When PreviewRenderingLevel is ShaderModel5 and i run mobile preview ReflectionSphere react on flag Visible normal, when PreviewRenderingLevel is iOS SE2 Preview and i run mobile preview at first time it OK. But if i switch Visible of ReflectionSphere off, then on and run mobile preview the reflection has gone.

Hi DembeGomes,

What version of UE4 are you running? I know I had various things work better for iOS building in the more recent releases (I’m now running 4.22) iOS preview is ES3.1 in UE4.22 - that might be worth checking out. Also are you working on a Mac or PC?

Does the reflection work okay in an actual packaged build running on an iOS device? Again - worth checking out.

I don’t have enough experience with reflection to offer anything more solid than that, but my current iOS project ran into enough bugs that I sequentially moved from UE4.18 all the way to 4.22 where things are working quite well right now.