Strange problem?


When i play in editor and use the “play from here” option after a short while, I keep getting the following error and when it plays in the editor it places the player below the geometry and not where I selected to play from:

I had the same thing for another map, but after some great advice from a more knowledgeable forum member, changing the game map settings from none to specific ones fixed it.

But once again I’m getting the same problem even after using the settings that fixed the other map.

This is the bit of the level BP it seems to be complaining about:


It compiles and works fine.

These are the Project settings I’m using that fixed the other map:

In Editor game mode settings:

Any ideas guys?

get player pawn cast to the character bp, then get movement and set it, if you put an isvalid check there you will likely notice its not valid the get player character that is