Strange Problem

So couple days ago i finished Behavior Tree task. Everything worked perfect, until yesterday when i went to LAN to friends place.
I opened the project and the last edited part of Behavior Tree doesnt work anymore, and it looks just like i left it.

Here is the Behavior Tree:

As u can see, there are two tasks, and they are basically the same. The one doesnt work is GoToHomeLocationTask.

Here is the bb of GoToHomeLocationTask:

Set Actor Rotation just doesnt work as it did two days ago. If we modify the settings like this, it works:

I dont know what happened. I installed like NVIDIA driver, but i cant understand how it is related to one bb node.

Thx for the help!

Check that your BB Variable “HomeRotation” is actually being set correctly. If its returning null then it could be causing some problems.

Yes, u are right. Somehow set rotation explodes. Numbers are like P=34099898089888267618761876871.0000 Y=34099898089888267618761876871.0000 R=34099898089888267618761876871.0000


And here is some proofs how data as vector or rotator gets corrupted via blackboard(?).



So this was the actual problem. It was just a name node.