Strange pattern Shadow

I am working on this interior architectural scene and after baking the light I am getting this patter shadows in different places.
At the beginning, I thought it was because my light was too close of the ceiling (acoustic panel) but then I saw the same shadow in other parts of the room where I am not using acoustic ceiling.
I moved the light lower and still I get this shadow.
any ideas?

Also do you know why one side of that molding looks blue?

Thank you.

Looks like a lighting function or a IES profile to me. Check if you got anything in there. Also try to delete the existing light and put a new one in. They can become corrupted somehow, like any other actor in unreal but luckily it doesn’t happen very often.

Is that a dynamic light or is it static?

“Also do you know why one side of that molding looks blue”
This is due to no UVs on the model, try to check and correct it.

Regarding the weird shadows , Did you use datasmith for importing , cause sometimes the area light creates these hidden point light in the scene, which is much closer to geometry and
creates these weird shadows.

you can also troubleshoot it with turning of shadows of lights one by one to check which one is the culprit.Check for hidden or backface mesh non-visible from the camera angle.

Thank you guys for the answers.
This is a Sketchup to 3D Max project, that was done in V-Ray now I am testing out on Unreal with DataSmith.
The first import I did had the V Ray lights, but it was confusing to manage them, so I delete them and create the lights inside Unreal, So those lights are Spotlight from Unreal.I’ll review the geometry but I am sure there are not lose polygons or geometry.

Also the molding it is unwraped. I review everything and see if tht works.
Thank you again.