Strange Multiplayer Issue, Client and Server Rooted on spawn.

Hey, I’m facing some weird issue for my multiplayer game I’m learning as I go but I guess I’ve messed something up. When the game is Launched with 2 players using the Dedicated server option I can select my team fine and select my player but once spawned they are unable to move, The player seems to be rooted to the floor for some reason. The HUD comes up correctly showing that players correct Health and Such but If I launch the game in standalone mode I can move fine but then the HUD stats don’t work and all stats are setting to 0… This is very odd and I’m unsure whats causing it. Any help would be great. I will post a video to my Google Drive showing whats going on and on Request I can send the project (5.90GB) for a closer look if anybody feels up to looking into it.

Also just noticed my project is 5.90GB That seems pretty big considering it pretty much has nothing in it…

Video Link: