strange loop

Hi all…
I have created this custom event when i press q
Then in the state animation i created all this
But when i play my character change only 1 time animation when i press e…i wronged something? In the state animation it’s all ok i arleady checked…i wronged something here?

I think the problem comes in with the branching you’re doing inside your animation blueprint event graph. You should really just set the variables in there and try not to deal with branching and stuff in there unless absolutely necessary. This will help keep things clean and simple. So in stead you’ll deal with any branching behavior inside your character blueprint.

So, what you’re doing is by pressing the key, you set Mira (true) and MiraTolt (false). Then releasing the key inverts that. That should be good enough to deal with setting the behavior and in your animation blueprint, just set those boolen values directly, don’t branch in there.

You are also changing Walk Speed, but I would suggest you do that inside your character blueprint in stead. So when you press the button you set one speed, and when you release the button you set another speed. So inside your animation blueprint it will be much simpler, basically just setting the 2 boolean values and the vector length for reading the current speed, which it seems you have in there 2x. You only need to have it once in there.

thanks :smiley: solved :smiley: