Strange Lighting Issue

I ran into an issue when I was making my map that caused a “circle of darkness” to form around my camera/character. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere and I’m really new to UE. It started after I had copied over the day/weather system from “TheIsland”.

This circle always follows me:


180 degrees of my viewing area is completely black:


Everything I have in my level:


May not be related but also wondering if I’m supposed to change the save path to my map.


Like I said, I’m very new at this. I’m sure it is something stupid that I did. I was following the directions in one of Brick’s videos. Also, I don’t think the daylight system is working at all. If you need any more info, I’ll gladly provide it. Thanks.

  • Shawn

Anyone have any ideas?

If I had to guess it might have to do with the BP_Sky_Sphere settings. I tried copying the day/night/weather to my new level using the youtube tutorial video by Brick, but I ran into similar problems with pitch black shadows, screen flickering black, static sun, weird starfield, pink clouds I couldn’t set altitude on, etc so I ended up going back to the basic static lighting in the TestMap.

I had some of those same issues as well. I’ll take another look at it and see if I can get it to work. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know. Thanks for the reply.

BP_Sky_Sphere, link it too both skylight and directional_light

then click the matinee_masterdaycycle thingymajig (correct term) then open it by using the big wide button that says “open something” on the left find skylight and sunlight, assign those to their correct actors.

Simply have it selected then right click skylight and add vector or something like that

skylight = skylight
sunlight = directional_light

Hope this helps

For BP_Sky_Sphere, I have it linked to DirectionalLight and DayCycleManager. I didn’t see where I would link it to the skylight.

In the Matinee_masterdaycycle, I’m not really sure how to assign to those specific actors. There are two that have Vector in them. I tried both, but that doesn’t seem to be something I’m able to do.

I also have this problem and do not see anywhere to set these options in the matinee_masterdaycycle. Please give us a little more to go on?

Thanks ahead of time.

I’m not sure if the other below thread might be helpful or not, TakoMT clued me in that the day/night cycle uses the Persistent Level ‘Level Blueprint’ which you can see in ‘TheIsland’ going to the main menu->Window->Levels and in the ‘Levels’ window clicking on the gamepad looking icon for the persistent level screen right. I looked at it some a bit, but wasn’t sure about copying the logic I was interested in over, hoping maybe the workshop ‘mod template’ small level has the day/night system setup so that I can work from this as a base since ‘TheIsland’ level is so big it tends to slow or crash my system.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’m also a little confused at how to copy everything over to my level. I guess I’ll keep trying.

Well I managed to copy everything over from theisland level bp to my map’s level bp. I added in all of the variables. Went to compile and a slew of errors. Pretty much just reminded me that I don’t know what I’m doing lol.

Edit: Now I’m drawing lines to things but I think I need to know more about variables and event graphs in general. (So maybe I won’t use terms like “lines” and “things”)

Here is a link to a empty map with working water, lighting (with shadows) and a day and night cycle!npYxXZZC!iyFAN7AV96GpYybOusP33wIKTJWo0QM_jkGS6BNSi7E

if this works … i want to have your babies!

Jokes apart… All my checks pointed to the TrueSkyActor as being the ****… did you find exactly what the problem was?

Uzumi … you are my hero. Thank you so much.

Just a heads up this day and night cycle does not work when you cook it and upload it for some reason and i am unable to figure out why, it works perfectly in the editor though

That’s fine. I won’t be cooking for awhile. I have another issue with it though. When I try to create a new landscape, the transform tools are greyed out so I can’t move it.

Thanks much for this, I was eager to try, but couldn’t get it working how I wanted. My player kept falling out of the sky independent of where the player starts were. My landscape is at -40,000 Z to give some space between my landscape(canyon height of about 100,000 Z) and the clouds, but my character kept falling into water processing effects even after I tried pulling those things out of the level and level blueprint. I was also getting a blue flickering which felt like maybe it was some kind of bad camera actor input.

I’ve got a similar refrain for my issue below where my landscape material textures look fine in the editor, but cooking them seems to screw everything up. I lose tree foliage too for some reason after cook/upload.

Starting to feel I should come back to this in a month or two after some of the cooking/upload issues get better worked out. Don’t see why there should be a difference between what the editor shows and the game unless it is related to cooking/upload.


If you use any custom meshes or similar then you need to have those in the mods folder for your map

Thanks, no custom trees, just the default game-included static meshes and foliage settings.

I’m hoping to have some luck by just using ‘TheIsland’ material and substituting textures on that although I’m not understanding the differences between the in-game specific approach to landscape materials vs a generic example that works fine in the editor.

The editor is able to “wing it” when it comes to blueprint errors and use other assets as when its cooked it cant, so if you have errors in your level blueprint you must fix these