Strange Launcher Issue

Hey folks. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but wasn’t sure where else to post it.

So I have the Epic Games Launcher installed on multiple PCs in an office here, with two versions of the engine on each (4.18 and 4.19), however… whenever a user logs into one of the PCs and loads Epic Games Launcher for the first time with their own account, the two engine versions listed in the launcher are both reset to 4.20 and it prompts an install button.

Weirdly, logging straight out of the Epic Games Launcher at that point resets the version numbers the next time they log in, and then they launch fine from that point.

Has anybody come across this before? It’s a bit of a headache as these are labs, so many different users will be using the machines, and it’ll be chaos if they log in and are prompted to download the latest engine rather than the two we have standardised on.

Cheers for any help!