Strange lag and CPU Spike

I downloaded Unreal to learn and make games, but I got a problem, when I select any object, doesn’t matter if is static or BSP and take the camera away from the selected object, start a huge lag and CPU goes to 90% of use.
Sometimes it happens when I get too close to the object, and is not only with objects, even when I select ‘‘Sky_Sphere’’ this happen.

Sorry for the bad english…

Update: Seems like it only happens in the default scene. [The scene with the table and 2 chairs]

Just to clarify… If you create a new level within the same project and put those same table and chairs in said level does it happen? How about when you create a third or first person template? Does it happen on those?

Hello Mr.YuYu,

Would you please provide your DxDiag (Computer specs)?

I will continue to investigate why you are having lag spikes in the meantime.