Strange Issue with UI Widgets in 4.25.1 Need Help Please

I am going through a Youtube tutorial for an inventory system. I have 3 UI Widgets, MainInventoryWidget, a UI InventoryWidget, and a Throwaway Widget. The Main Widget is just a Canvas Panel for the other widgets. The Inventory widget added to the Main no issues. However now when trying to add the throwaway widget to the main, it is breaking the formating entirely.

I don’t understand why this is happening and i can’t seem to find anyway to make it show correctly. All my other widgets show correctly but not this one. I have even put unrelated widgets in this one just to test it and they work fine.

Any ideas?

As this was my first post i had to wait for admin review, but on further testing it appears this is a bug in 4.25.1. If you drag a user created widget into the Hierarchy panel it breaks the widget formatting as shown in the image in the first post. However if you drag the widget directly into the viewport it shows up correctly.