Strange issue with montages


I am having some strange issues when playing my animation montages for switching weapons.

I am playing a montage for lowering my equipped weapon, waiting until it has finished, switching out the weapon actor and then playing the montage for raising the newly equipped weapon.

For some reason at the end of the final montage the characters arms are moving forward for a second even though this isn’t part of the animation montage. It then goes into the idle animation for the equipped weapon as expected.

This doesn’t happen with the other two weapons I have in the game and I cannot see any difference in settings for the animations.

I’ve checked everything I can think of and can’t figure out what animations are being played for the second that the arm moves forward. Can anyone think of anything obvious to check that I may have overlooked?

I know this from awhile ago, but for me it was the blend time in the anim graph on animation blueprint. The blend time should be 0. This is what worked for me.