Strange issue with moded charcoal dont auto stack

i have an issue with my moded charcoal that it will not stack in forge and campfire it only stacks when you drag it in to your inventory anyone know how to fix that?

fixet after i puttet the child bp in all the stuff that makes it

the ressources you get when you demolish dont work either

I believe that is because you also need to set/remap the demolished resources in addition. I’m not sure where this would be located however as I’ve never come across this before personally. If I can later this evening I will dig around and try to find this

they are remaped example metal ingot had been maded too item quanity 200 and then i demolish a 3 metal foundation i get 3 stacks of around 15 metalingot from it

I can’t get my charcoal to stack properly, do you know exactly what you needed to change to fix it?