Strange issue with AddMovementInput and SetActorRelativeRotation combo

I have a custom Pawn class that has some logic to determine the movement of the pawn. The goal is when the pawn is told to move someplace, it rotates itself using SetActorRelativeRotation so that it faces the destination, and once it’s finished rotating, another codepath will call AddMovementInput to have it move in that direction. All well and good, except that after it finishes rotation it just sits there. I originally thought I had some sort of bug going on and so alt+tabbed out to look at the code but when I alt+tabbed back in, the pawn began moving towards the destination. All this code is in the pawn’s Tick method. Has anyone else run into a situation like that? Using 4.8.0.

What does the code look like that is saying when it has finished rotating and is about to AddMovementInput? If you are doing this test manually, it may not be hitting the exact rotation you are checking for.

Seemed to be a margin issue. My original slack of .001 radians was too small, I think. Though honestly not sure why alt+tabbing would jostle the thing enough to get it moving.