Strange Issue Opening Levels via teh Box Trigger


I have an issue when trying to open a level via a Box Trigger, I have added the OnActorBeginOverlap > OpenLevel, but what happens is that it resets the current level from the player start - I have checked the other level to ensure nothing should prevent the level returning to the main level.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi Sanjshah,

I’ve just tried this with a simple map 1 and map 2 with the Box Overlap triggered in Map 1 with no issue.

Can you post any screen shots of your level blueprint where this is setup? Also, make sure that the map is titled correctly that you’re wanting to open.

Let me know.

In addition to what Tim just mentioned, check the log if the engine complains about something, there should be a yellow warning in the output log window of the editor. The reset case is normally the result of not finding the requested level.

Many thanks for your responses, I have checked everything which all seems fine, (I’ve renamed the level and tried again) the output log is fine no errors etc. actually this works fine in the editor its just when I package the project, there is a little jump and then jumps to the start of the current level.