Strange Grid Snapping Behaviour

Does anyone else find it odd that the grid snapping doesn’t snap objects to the grid but rather to increments of the grid size.

That is to say;

if I have an object at 50,50,50 and my snapping is set to 100. When I drag the object along the x direction the next location will be 150,50,50 not 100,50,50. This seems odd to me given that the option is called “grid snapping” and not snapping increment or something. Even the description describes snapping to the grid value not an offset of it.

It also seems inconsistent since 3dsmax, maya, softimage, autocad, photoshop, flash and even UE4’s own UMG don’t behave this way.

Any thoughts?

Am I really that crazy?

I’ve also filed a bug report but the response i got was unsatisfactory.

/ Kyle

I think it’s odd, but I wrote UMG’s snapping :cool: It’s probably an unreal oddity that has just been inherited over the years - the viewport code is a bit of a dragons nest. I’ll file it in Jira tomorrow morning so I don’t forget and bring it up at the next tools meeting. Thanks for the feedback Kyle!

There did seems to be a few dragons in there, I attempted to “fix” it for the 3D codepath path but the rabbit hole got much deeper with the ortho views.

I appreciate the update Nick, thanks.

Keep up the radness!

/ Kyle

Hi Nick,

The LinearColorCuve editor also has this bizarre snapping behaviour.




I just wanted to follow up on this and see if we have a ttp/jira task number for it so I know what to look for in future releases?


/ Kyle