Strange Graphic Corruption

Hello All,
I’m getting an strange graphic behavior in the unreal editor.
get the same result in 4.8.0, 4.8.3 and 4.9 versions running on linux suse 13.1 - nvidia driver 340.76-42.1

this are some screenshots.

it looks like reflexions cast some random full color artifacts. the color and the shapes are random too. it change each time you stop/start the game

The images are from the third person template untouched. just loaded an run.

i get this behavior on all projects and files.

Some ideas?

Thanks in advance.

It’s your drivers. Get the newest one get rid of the old compiled shaders and recompile the shaders again

I have the newest driver from the new public nvidia repository(ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa) and i have a poor performance yet, but i have a ASUS ROG G771J, it’s a good machine, have nVidia GTX960M and 8GB RAM memory, and i have a poor graphic performance yet. Why?

For compile it’s faster than my old pc.