Strange geometry shading

I am working on this presentation scene, and I have a few buildings and site elements, I imported all this geometry from 3D Max as a static geometry in different groups, after import I chose to make them movable so I won’t be baking lighting on these geometries, the site, and some building look fine, but this other element (stadium) is shading differently. Not sure why or how to fix it.
Inside 3D Max all materials are standard materials, If you need more information let me know
Your help is appreciated.
best regards.

Hi Francisco, you should make your lights movable and not your static meshes for dynamic lighting. Go through the documentation about lighting, it is pretty good.

  • set your lights to movable
  • set all meshes back to static unless you want them to move around.
  • enable distance field shadows unless everything is just one big mesh
  • disable static lighting in project settings

It’s all in the documentation. If you still have dark shading it is caused by bad smoothing groups in max. Break all verts and auto smooth them as a quick fix.