Strange - everything is violett

Hi there! I really hope that someone can help me. I’ve started learning UE (5.2)because I would love to upgrade from TwinMotion when rendering my interior design projects.
But for some reason everything turned pretty violett while I was just moving an object. It happened 2 time now. First time just after putting in sky light, now second time as I am pretty far and would not like to loose everything.

Any idea what happened and how can I fix it?
I am using MAC ;( , 6-Core Intel Core, Radeon Pro 570X 4 GB and 32 GB RAM.

I know it is not the perfect setting for UE ;( but still would like to try if I can get better results then with TwinMotion.

Thank you very much in advance!

Does anyone have the same problem? Does anyone has an idea how to solve it?
I even built the project again, it was fine for a while but after closing and reopening the project it got worse.

I’ve tried changing Preview Rendering Level to IOS as I’ve seen on another post, but it got worse, then is everything white ( and I can only choose IOS shader Model 5?) and there is a problem with mesh in SkyAtmosphere.

Can please someone help me? Or if there is no way to use UE properly on MAC with Intel, tell me I should just give up for now. :wink:

Thank you very much in advance!

This pink is sometimes used as a default color in Unreal. If you add a tint to a material and you do not actually apply a color then it may turn out pink. It’s to make sure you notice that you haven’t set the color.

This probably isn’t very helpful but maybe it gives you a direction to look at. Any global material settings, post processing, something like that. Or some uncompiled blueprint from a plug-in use that doesn’t support iOs.

Thank you for the reply. It is pink and green, and all the materials are fine, everything looks good for a while, but then starts acting crazy. :wink: Or when I close and reopen the project. I will look into plugins, see if I can detect something…

Could it be a color correction setting in your post processing. Seems all of the hues are shifted. The lens flare also shifted into the green (instead of being a warmer yellow / orange color)

Thank you for the answer. I’ve checked and tried everything with post processing, building the lights again, nothing changes. And now with all lights deleted, it looks like this:

When I set Engine Scalability Settings auf Medium, green and pink is gone, but of course, the graphic is horrible.

Does is simply mean that my GPU can not handle UE?

Could be it’s not calculating the shaders because it’s running out of GPU memory (though not seeing any texture pooling warnings).

It could also be a driver bug. Have you tried installing a previous version of the graphics driver and seeing if it fixes the problem?

Try deleting “area lights” in world outliner, maybe you imported it with Twinmotion project. I had some similar problems and this fixed a problem. Also try changing anti-aliasing mode in the project settings.

I have no idea if it is possible to install previous drivers only for graphics on MAC. Even if yes, I do not dare to mess with it :smiley: I will just have to accept it and quit UE util I get me another computer. Thank you for all your efforts and help.

I’ve imported the project directly from 3D SW, wanted to start from 0 for test, so there were no area lights. I might test how is it working when importing from Twin. Changing anti-aliasing does not help. I will just quit UE for now and stick to Twin. Thank you for your effort and reply.

Make sure you PPV is set to inifinte extents, then disable bloom and see if that helps.

Send me the file via Google Drive otherwise and I’ll take a look

Thanks a lot for the reply. Infinite extents was already set, bloom off doesn’t help. After a bit more reading, I think it is just about my graphics - Radeon Pro 570X is not good enough. And thank you for the offer to take a look into the file -but I’ll leave it for now, until I get a new computer, or maybe I will try it with an eGPU. Thanks.