Strange: event fires but associated breakpoint won't!

Hi, Very simple issue, I have a printstring triggered by pressing down on the gamepad’s d-pad. The printstring has a breakpoint enabled on it - I used to use this as a hack way to freeze the blueprint execution. However, this breakpoint is being ignored and I am completely baffled as to why this no longer works for me. I went through various posts and dug into whatever settings I could find related to input but no dice so far.

Does anyone have any idea why an input triggered breakpoint won’t fire?


(btw I have this posted in the AnswerHub: here.)

Does the print string still print?
You haven’t inadvertently disabled the break point, the little red octagon is filled in red on the node?

Yes it still prints (which is what really freaks me out) - and no the octagon is still filled with red. I am just completely baffled.

I presume you have deleted the node and replaced it and enabled a breakpoint again on it? Or if you put breakpoints on other nodes, do they work?
Also, just in case, breakpoints won’t work if you click Play Standalone, or simulate (in this case). Only play in editor, and play in new editor window

I just did to see, and no, doesn’t seem to help. Thanks for the advice re: play standalone/simulate - alas this is not the case. I will report this as a bug.

This is a bug, there are a lot of them in breakpoint debugger, most annoying one is log spam.

Thanks for the head’s up. At least now I know I’m not crazy or set something weird by accident. Is this the same story with watching variable values in blueprints?

sometimes their values shown sometimes not? yes
there are might be logic behind it, which i dont care.

If the break point is on an actor for example a character that you have more than one of you might need to make sure the blueprint window is set to debug the one that is firing the event with the break point. If you have multiple items of the same blueprint in the level the blueprint window must be set to the one that fires it or it wont stop and allow you the debug functionality. I hope this helps.

Ohh I’ll have to try this - I didn’t even factor that. Thank you!

This solutions worked for me. I was spawning multiple characters in the map by mistake and the breakpoint wasn’t firing due to this.

Thank you.