strange error

Hi all…
I have this
But i not understand why give me errors O.o what i forget?

There is nothing to power the Cast To. It needs to have the Execution Pin (on the left side of the node) connect to something as well as what Object it is you are looking for.

ah lol i forgot to connect the objct aggaga but it doesn’t give me an error…why?
Ps… if i have to se a blueprints class as a counter…what blueprint i have to use?
I mean i have to use variables that active the map where i go…like five night at freddy…

It does not give an error because it is not powered on. Once you power it up, it will error out.

and for the counter? can you give me a tips?
I explain better… i have 4 map
Menù, intro, level and end
After the menù i go to the intro and then the level and then the end…
Now if i continue after the menù i go another intro for the variable counter in the end level…
After i ended again i will have another increment of the counter ecc…

i have another question(not for spam) i don’t understand what i have to use as object…i mean this is only a counter blueprint class…so he don’t need object O.o

All casts need an object, you can only to cast to a blueprint from that blueprint’s actor. If you are casting to a door blueprint, you have to input a door into the object. A simple way to do this is line trace to a door, and connect the ‘Hit Actor’ to the object, though there are many other ways to get references.

no as i said this is counter but i don’t know what i have to use as object…i use the blueprint only as a counter

When and where are you spawning your counter? What type of blueprint is the counter?

i don’t know…i need a hand for create this counter…can you help me? what type have to be? I need it only as counter…

Well we need to know what type of blueprint it is. Is it an actor? Is it a widget blueprint?

nono i mean…i need to create a counter variable that ca be used in 2 different maps…can someone help me? How i can resolve?