Strange Distance issue and replication

Hey guys, I am working on a multiplayer project, and I have a minimap and a name with level suffix attached to the players head with a widget. I was reading up on the topic, and I am using assets from the marketplace, all the assets have been implemented fine, even replication is currently all there however. I have a minimap with a player marker and a custom level suffix on each of the players while walking far enough from each other the minimap with player marker disappears from client side (still on server) when I get back into frame I notice the marker never pops back up on clientside and the custom player suffix reverts back to default on client side. Everything is replicated server side. I wouldnt think I am maxing out the net cull distance, but I have been reading about Rep Notify in regards to this issue. Any suggestions, I have been watching replicating tutorials any ideas?

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