Strange Compile Error in Blueprint

Hayhoo ~(°-c° ~ )

I get this strange error when I compile my PlayerPawn:
Error The type of EdGraphPin_7342 is undetermined. Connect something to Reroute Node to imply a specific type.
This error didnt show up the last time :confused: and I didnt really changed anything since then (I just imported a Skeletal Mesh…) When I try to play I cant do anything but my AI still seems to recognize and chase me.
There was an error wich occured already in the past but I think this error doesnt have to do anything whith this error.
Here is the previous error:
Error Accessed None ‘Enemy_Ref’ from node Construction Script in blueprint EnemyAI_Walker
(Enemy_Ref is a Actor Variable in my AI wich should refer to any actors with a certain Tag. This error refers to the construction script but in my AI construction script is nothing. See pictures below)


Ok I found the first error it were two unused reroute nodes, still does anybody have an idea about the second error wich occurs after I played the game in the log?

I just mark this question as answered