Strange collision problem

Hello. I’ve running UE 4.13 and having two characters as Actors. One possesed and one Standing in the world (AI). The controlled Character has a skeletal Mesh (axe from InfinityBladeWeapons) attached on a socket at his Hand.
If set up a physical asset for the axe for generating collions. I’ve attached a collission sphere as a child to this mesh on the controlled character for testing also.
The weapon, the test collision sphere and my “AI” character have collisions (and hit Event) enabled and doing blocking all for testing.
When i Play my slash Animation (from mixamo) and hit the AI with my axe - sometimes it generates collision ON THE AXE, and sometimes not. On the AI Capsul I alway get a hit Event. When I debug it when it misses the hit on the Player
I see that the hitting Actor is the floor. But on my Players AXE I don’g get an Event.
I’ve activated CCD on all the above components, seeing not a difference. I’ve played the Animation at .5 Speed for testing - no difference.
I Play with Show collisions and in a slomo .2 and see the axe IS going right THRU the capsul and the mesh of the AI. (Look attached screenshots)

Any ideas?
Is it correct that the Collision from the root component overwrite the child? So if i make a capsule root and ad a bigger box collision with block all around it - it does only block the capsul dimensions!? What am I doing wrong?