Strange Collision Behavior

Dear Community,

I have an Actor blueprint that builds walls with arbitrary openings in them. The wall is simply composed of multiple boxes that spans the solid part only. I noticed that I couldn’t pass through these openings no matter what. I even set the procedurally added static mesh components to have NoCollision ,which is even stranger because now solid parts don’t collide while pawn still can’t go through hollows!!

I attached a couple of figures.

Could it be that there is some “Envelope” collision that spans the whole actor? how can I turn that off?

Any help is much appreciated.


Could you provide some screenshots of your blueprint so we can take a look at how you are creating these walls?

Thanks for your reply, Sean.

The Blueprint starts with a single box and a list of opening struct instances. opening struct is defined by its width, height and X,Y position in a 2D Coordinate system originating at wall center (Which is located at the bottom left corner of the wall)

An algorithm breaks the main block into smaller “Bricks” based on the openings fed. The bricks (marked 1,2 & 3 in the image attached with the question) are then converted to cube meshes as attached. I’ve attached the details panel for the “AddStaticMeshComponent” node as well.

Please tell me if there are other parts of the blueprint you need snapshots of.


Just realized that I was really stupid. I had another hidden box inside the hole that I planned to use for lighting in the future. The problem is Technically solved and was my mistake. But still: shouldn’t the “Player Collision” view have shown that object even though it is not rendered? I hope Epic team considers this for future releases.

Thanks Sean :slight_smile: