Strange bumpy collision with Spline Meshes

Hello people, how’s it going? So i’ve made this road composed of several segments that follow along a spline, the segments are spline mesh components inside a blueprint, and they align perfectly one after the other leaving no gaps between them, however, i have this strange effect with collision where my car seems to hit a bump whenever it reaches the joining vertices of one section and the other.

To illustrate this, i made a small video:

Watch when i reach 90 kph and above, how the car seems to bump randomly where the road sections meet together. What seems to be happening is that, when the wheels reach a section of the road, the physics engine immediately drives them away as if depenetrating. And there is nothing i could do so far that would solve this issue, i’ve tried creating custom collisions with perfectly straight tangents, using a flat plane for collision, changing collision type, disabling restitution for the Physical Materials, setting depenetration velocity to zero in all meshes, messing up with every physics setting i can think of including async scenes, substepping, frame duration, ccd, in hopes that somethig would remedy the issue, but with no luck.

Does anyone know of a way to stop this from happening? This happens with any mesh i use to make the road, and with any vehicle, including the vehicle demo Blueprint that comes with UE4.

I am using UE version 4.18.1 and all the actors are done using blueprint, no c++ at all.

Thanks in advance.


Have you found a solution that you are willing to share? I am having the same issue and am not aware on how to fix it.

It is much appreciated.

Kind regards,