Strange "Blob" Shadow On Mesh

Any ideas why the mesh is generating these shadows? It’s a Solidworks model imported via datasmith. No matter what random material I drag on these shadows are present. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


The lightmap resolution is too low.

Is this something I can adjust globally for all meshes?? Thank you

Not that that I’m aware of, but you could make a python script that adjusts them in bulk for you. Note that you can view the resolution density visually if you go to the top of the viewport where it says the lighting mode you’re in, then go to optimization > lightmap density.

Hmmm interesting. What’s a typical value for a lightmap?

Typical is whatever you need to achieve whatever you are trying to achieve. The higher you go will give you better shadowing results, but will also be more expensive/take more time to bake, etc.

Its probably set to 128 in that pic with CAD import defaults I believe, try 512ish to see if it is good enough for what you need, if not, keep increasing.