strange behaviour: "Set View Target with Blend" working only once

I set up a custom event “updatecamera” to update the camera in my local multiplayer game. But I encounter a strange behaviour: the camera updates only once, and everytime the player turn changes it doesn’t work. For debugging reason I also printed the currentplayer and the previousplayer to see if the values are correct at the beginning of each turn, and yes, they are.
Why is this happening? any clue?

I can confirm that I also had problem with SetViewTargetWithBlend. Sometimes it simply wont trigger. I tried to debug literally everything, controllers were valid as well as target and it still wont switch view.
However, when I put “Print” node after SetViewTargetWithBlend it’s working in 95% cases and also when I put small delay and use SetViewTargetWithBlend again it works almost every time.

So at the end I solved by putting a delay as you said, but the strangest thing I also had to set the player controller of the “target” always to 0.
And I still don’t get why that works, since every player has a different player controller. weird