Strange behaviour of "Load Stream Level" node

Hello guys!

I’ve found very weird behaviour in Load Stream Level node and I would like to ask about it.

I’ve been following this tutorial from Mathew Wadstein:
HTF do I? Loading Screens using Level Streaming in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube and actually everything is working fine. Well, everything except one thing. Sometimes I have to type in level name manually in the “Load Stream Level” node to make it load. If I connect name variable from game instance (containing level name) nothing happens. Screen gets black (from persistent level).

I was trying to find what is causing the problem but I failed unfortunately. Even “Print String” node (connected right before “Load Stream Level”) is showing proper level name, but still nothing is happening. Do anyone had same/similar problem before or know why is this behaving like this? Thanks for any help.

I hear you when you say you printed the string and it’s ok, but frankly there’s nothing that can go wrong here.

Either you have the level name wrong, or the level isn’t part of the persistent level.

Print string is showing name variable straight from the global instance, and it’s the same thing that goes into “Load Stream Level”. Name is correct and it is a part of the persistent level (it’s main menu of my game and it works while loaded for the first time, when going back from mission - black screen -_- ). I have several more maps, all of them are loading in same way, and taking level name from global instance works perfectly. Problem occurs only with this specific level, that’s why it’s weird. I’ll dive into it after work, I hope it’s just my stupid mistake somewhere…

Thanks for your response!

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