Strange behavior when creating a blueprint interface


I have a blueprint interface that is implemented by several blueprints. When I add a function to this interface, and this function has a output variable then the all blueprints that implements this interface gets updated with this new function in the function list. So far so good… but when I add a new function to the interface that has only an input variable, then this function does not get updated in the function list of the other blueprints… strange… and if I add a output variable to this new function (the one that had only an input previously), then it does get updated… and even stranger… if I then remove the output variable from this function in the interface, it still is present in the blueprints…

So it appears that only interface functions with an output variable gets added to the blueprint functions… Does anybody know if I’m using it wrong, or is this a bug ?

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I just tested it and you are right. For me it looks like a bug. I don’t see why an interface can’t have functions just with an input.

Hei Morten, godt å se andre norske her :wink:

I couldn’t replicate the problem in the latest preview build,
which probably means that the bug will be fixed in the next update :slight_smile:

Good to hear… and thanks for testing it !
Btw, the version I’m running is 4.1.0

Jepp… Hyggelig med nordmenn i chatten :cool: