Strange behavior of widget in player controller Multiplayer game from ue4 tutorial

Hi, I followed the Wes Bunn’s tutorial series: Blueprint Multiplayer. The project works well but when I try to create a custom widget “RegistraImpronte” (native class parent umg.userwidget), in player controller, this custom widget works only on the host. After many failed tries I decide to follow the same steps that I followed to create and setup the "gameplay chat ".
The “gameplay chat” works weel on both server and client side, But if I create events with the same property (RPC and nodes, only different in widget class and in realtive type of variable and name to set the widget) the “gameplay chat” works like always but the other widget “RegistraImpronte” doesn’t. Why Do you have any suggestion/explanation?

Not sure. try assigning to player controller 0 as Owner when you create the widget.
Maybe that will help?