Strange arm positioning with blendspace

I have struggled for some time now to get the blendspace to work properly with my character arms. The problem is in my aiming pose where when holding a pistol the hands should be holding the pistol all the time. I have poses for aimin up, center and down and the plan was to create blendspace that would blend the mid poses. However for some reason the mid poses the hands are moved apart.

I have tried to resolve this but have not found the reason that could cause this. Creating mid poses manually decreases the problem, but doesn’t completely remove it. The blended poses still cause hands to be separated but much less. The hand make curvy motion from up to center like: () .

Any ideas?

Tried to figure this out with not much luck. I’m using IK for arms in Blender where I have animated my character. If I remove elbow IK from the animation, the hands seem to tear apart even more. I looked on the bones of the content examples and shooter game and those have bones called i.e. leftArmRoll separately. Is this some trick which I should possibly also do?

I could also ask my original question in a different way. How should I create poses for my character so that the hand motion can be accurately animated by blend spaces?

Found the issue. It was caused by the fact that I used IK to animate the hands. The poses had too many changes in the hand/arm positions and rotations so the linear blending didn’t work out. When I just created poses from center IK position and made the other poses from FK methods everything worked as expected.

Hello! I am having the same exact issue and I have yet to find a solution. Granted, my hands don’t move as much as I expect from your explanation, but it is still not exact. Neither IK or FK methods work for me. I should say that I am also using Maya. Did you make any changes to the blend space settings?

The problem is that when you position arms (FK/IK) shoulder, elbow and wrist will have different angles on different poses. When you blend between different poses, the linear blending of angles doesn’t always produce correct results.

I fixed it by creating a pose from shoulder onwards which doesn’t change when the upper body moves around. You can rotate shoulders in FK as long as the motion keeps the hands in right place. Moving torso and so on will not affect it. I’m no expert on this and most likely you could get similar results with proper tools and IK constraints, but I don’t have time to play with it that much.

Hopefully this helps.