Strange Animation behavior since upgrading to 4.18 Source

So I have updated to the latest branch version 4.18 and my animations are now acting bizarre. I have noticed 2 strange behaviors that may be the same thing.

1.Imported animations don’t import the correct animation range and don’t import all bone transformations. So if I export a 20 frame animation from 3dsmax only some of the animations are present, scaling and rotations of root bones in particular seem to be non-existent. Also if I import say 50 frames, only 20 are imported (Unreal sais 50 are being imported but in the actual animation it loops as though it is a 20 frame import). Oddly if I stretch the animation out to 120 frames (with no animation on the additional 100 frames) then it imports correctly again. So the animations are being imported in what appears to be a partial manner in terms of both root rotations, scales and frame count.

  1. Secondly it appears that animation rates fluctuate. So a running animation will randomly be in slow motion. If I press a few buttons I can sort of jam it out of the slow motion and it goes back to normal but then it sometimes goes back to slow mo again. I also have a custom skeletal mesh hierarchy that is falling out of sync with it self easily which it didn’t do in 4.16 (the version I am coming from).

I haven’t built the game file itself in visual studio yet since moving to the new source so I am going to do that now and see if that doesn’t knock some sense into it but if not is there anybody else getting strange animation behavior with 4.18? Or is there some new feature that is making it act screwy that I am not aware of?


After building file in visual studio the weird behavior is still there. Importing the exact same animations in 4.16.2 imports as expected. 4.18 isn’t seeing bone scale animations and certain bone rotations. It’s also somehow not interpreting the number of frames in the animation correctly. The animation rate scales are also fluctuating between fast to slow at what appears to be random. I am gonna stick with 4.16 for now, not sure if anybody else is getting this issue but it’s here for the record none the less.