Strafing while aiming in third person

Hello, I have been having following a tutorial by Kyle Dail on how to creating an aiming feature for Third Person shooters, I have it set up and it works, however whenever I strafe while aiming in, the character does this:

Whenever I am not aiming in the character strafes normally, as I am using the animation starter pack mannequin, I am curious to know does anyone have any tips, or tricks they could advise on how I could fix this issue, below are relevant screenshots of my scripting:

Character blueprint:

Animation blueprint (event graph):

Animation graph inside the animation blueprint:

Any help would be greatly appreciate, thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I know this question was asked long ago, but I found it while googling for my problem and I found a solution so i’ll post it here in case it would help anyone.

The problem I had was when blending two animations in a state machine the upper part of the character’s body was taking on the rotation of the legs. I broke this rotation by checking off “Mesh Space Rotation Blend” in Layered blend per bone. Now the upper part of the animation will still face forward while strafing.

Also : make sure “EnableRootMotion” is checked off on your animation


Thanks you save my life.

I’ve been working on this issue for a while, but couldn’t solve this one until I find this thread. Thank you for your solution!