Strafing left and right

Hello, I’m using the third person blueprint for my character and what I’m wanting to do is replace the A and D keys with strafe animations.
At the moment the character runs in the direction of what ever directional button is pressed regardless of where the camera is pointing.
What I want to do is have the camera to be always facing the back of the character and have the ability to strafe sideways and move backwards.
Basically first person controls on a third person character.
How would one go about doing this?
I already have all my animations ready for this to be made. its just knowing how to go about doing it.

I’ve only just started using the new engine so be gentle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks muchly

I’ve just done something similar with a ball

You could take the stuff thats in the character blueprint in the FPS project and just zoom the camera out (from the components tab) so it’s 3rd person.

I managed to get the camera locked and the character facing forwards at all times by unticking
orient rotation to movement in the components tab and ticking use controller
desired rotation in the defaults tab of my character.

now I just need to make my character use the strafe and run backwards animations.

Lazy games ill check out your video now! thankss

Hmmmmm I’m giving some things a try. This is just an idea, not sure if it will actually work though. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m thinking this could work because the character animations need to play based on which direction the character is moving.
I just literally have no idea what to put in the transmission rule.
I’m sure it will be something like if the character is moving in this direction (Rot or input axis maybe?) then enter transmission, or play this animation when this key is pressed?

I’m quite stuck on this but I’ll keep trying and see what happens.
If anyone could give a little input then i would really appreciate it!


For the transmission rule you could use the players velocity and use the characters “Right Vector” to see if its moving sideways?

in the transmission rule there isn’t a player velocity node though there is a few vector nodes. I’m lost to what I should use.