Strafing in AIControllers using Detour crowds


I was wondering if anyone had had any success in forcing AIControllers to strafe / move backwards while being directed by detour crowds, or any other pathfollowing component for that matter.
With strafe I mean making AIControllers move with their forward vector locked (so they are always looking in some predetermined direction)
I’ve been experimenting for a few hours using the bAllowStrafe on the AIController, as well as looked around extensively in the detour classes to try to see if there is a good way to do it, no luck as of yet however…

I can always do this by letting detour do its thing and rotating my skeletalmesh component so it looks like it’s actually strafing that way, but it’s not very clean and I’m sure I will run into problems down the line if I end up doing that.

Since I know that AI can be made to strafe, it would be great if there was some smart way to achieve this.

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I was looking in the completely wrong place :slight_smile:
I had already set a property on my movementcomponent to constrain this, called bOrientRotationToMovement.
Completely forgot about it!

Well that’s two hours of my life I shall never get back.