Strafing changes the actor rotation.

I am trying to create a compass in the HUD and I am using GetActorRotation, followed by BreakRotator to get the angle the player is facing. All well and good, this gives me an angle between -180 and 180, and I can do stuff with it.

However, I noticed the compass jumps around when I strafe, and a bit of investigation shows that the angle returned is about 7° less when strafing left (and going back) and 7° more when strafing right. The direction I am actually looking does not change, just the angle that GetActorRotation reports. I have checked in a new project, tht works fine, so I am guessing this is related to animations and blend spaces, but I have no idea what.

Does anyone have an idea?

As a fix, I am using the camera angle, which seems fine.