Strafe vertically While looking down

I was just curious. Is there a way to strafe vertically when navigating in the editor while looking straight down using the right mouse +WASD controls?

For instance, if you’re looking forward in the editor and you use Q and E… this will move the camera vertically according to the world Z axis. Pressing A and D moves the camera along some X,Y vector (depending on where you’re looking) so basically, it strafes along the X screen axis.

However, when looking straight down, there doesn’t seem to be a way to strafe along the screen Y axis as Q and E will strafe along the world z axis. Which is basically the same (when looking straight down) as pressing W and D.

Thanks in advance… this would just save me some time as I’m doing a lot of top down placement in our levels.

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Hold and drag left mouse button.

Awesome! Thanks! Can’t believe I couldn’t figure that out.